Kaysha Siemens

Kaysha Siemens

Kaysha Siemens was born and raised in Canada, and now makes her home in the beautiful mountains near Asheville, NC.  She works mainly in oil and graphite, and her current primary focus is Mnemosyne, an ongoing project inspired by Greek mythology.  You can see more of her work at www.kayshasiemens.com.


Pegasus and Chrysaor
Oil on panel
12” diameter
$1,100 framed


Pegasus and Chrysaor are a pair of twins from Greek myths. Pegasus was the winged horse of the hero Bellerophon, and Chrysaor was his brother, both the offspring of Medusa, born together at her death. Chrysaor was most often described as a giant, but a few ancient sources and artworks show him as a winged boar. It’s lovely to imagine the two of them playing together in the clouds when they were young.