Ed Binkley

Crayfish Fishing developed after I read author John Crowley’s marvelous book, Little, Big. Crowley weaves together folklore, Shakespeare, fairytales, and legends into a single, miraculous story about an extended family in rural New England who may — or may not — have a connection to a realm just beyond our own. One chapter tells of a being who lives in a secluded pool in the woods, a creature of great wisdom and sadness who can possibly translate messages between the two worlds. It is a poignant and heartbreaking part of the story, and I’ve always wanted to see that pond and feel being beneath the water there. My “Crayfish” is a direct response to the magic and mystery implied in that story and place, and to magical secluded places all around us. 

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Crayfish Fishing


Digital drawing


12” x 16”