Rich Klink

Rich Klink

In Japanese folklore the KAPPA has many interpretations.  They range from whimsical to wonderfully ridiculous to the ridiculously macabre.  Being me I prefer the  lighter side.   A creature that enjoys challenging people to a sumo match, has a penchant for cucumbers and is fond of mischief.  What I find most interesting is the crown-like indentation on top of its head.  This “bowl” must always contain water when the Kappa is on dry land.  This is said to be its source of power.  The KAPPA is obsessed with politeness.  It can be  tricked into bowing and spilling its contents due to this proclivity.  Be careful around this mischievous troublemaker and keep your shirikodama where it belongs.

Rich Klink is an artist based just to the left side of Cleveland Ohio.  An early fascination with Santa Claus and his toy making elves led him on a lifelong journey of making “things”.  Over time he has refined his craft in creating sculptures some call playful, whimsical and confusing.

Mixed Media Sculpture
8” x 10” x 18.5”
Price: $1,000