Rebecca Solow

Rebecca Solow

Rebecca draws inspiration from fairy and folk tales, and any story involving strange creatures, otherworldly landscapes, and strong female characters. Rebecca is the illustrator of numerous books for children and young adults. She has worked for clients such as Penguin Random House, Llewellyn Worldwide, Spider Magazine, and Highlights Magazine for Children. Her 2018 solo show Through the Hedge displayed 100 works exploring a swampy world that sprang from her imagination, which was informed by her study of flora, fauna, and storytelling archetypes. She received both her BFA and her MFA in Illustration from the Hartford Art School, and teaches illustration classes at Montgomery College in Takoma Park, MD, and at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, VA.


Title: The Stalking of Ivan
Artwork Size: 9.5″x11.5″
Size with Frame: 16″x18″
Medium: Acrylic and acryla gouache on 140lb watercolor paper
Price: $950 (includes frame)

The Russian fairy tale of Tsarevitch Ivan, the Firebird, and the Gray Wolf is at once strange and wonderful and terrifying. And this is what I love about so many Russian fairy tales. Since 2011 I have made a study of these stories. It began as the focus for my MFA thesis, and the fascination has endured. As a person of Russian descent, I have enjoyed exploring my heritage through the lens of my creative pursuits. As many fairy tales do, this particular story originated from the oral storytelling tradition, was eventually captured by someone’s pen, and is now a classic piece of literature. Versions of the story have been illustrated by greats such as Ivan Bilibin and Viktor Vasnetsov. Here, I’ve chosen to illustrate one of the more ominous moments in the story, just before Ivan realizes that the great Gray Wolf is stalking him and his horse – which also happens to be just before the wolf eats the horse, feels bad about it, and ends up helping Ivan.

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