Kristine Poole

Kristine Poole

Balancing classical inspiration with contemporary expressive realism, Kristine Poole’s work highlights the beauty and inherent narrative qualities of the human form. Featuring themes as diverse and focused as the artist herself, these clay and bronze figurative sculptures open doors to conversation, dancing effortlessly between social commentary, archetypal motifs and imaginative realism.



Tiger Guy
8.5”x 8”x 10”
Fired clay with stain

The ubiquitous vicissitudes of 2020 seemed to call for the creation of lighthearted artworks that could serve as a counterpoint. Thus came into being the many therianthropic creatures of my “Garden Party” series. I imagined a group of animal-headed humans lounging around a garden sharing stories and conversation, reminding people of happier times.

“Tiger Guy” was the first in the series, serving to establish the size and attitude for the subsequent characters. These sculptures are designed to work as individual pieces or be combined in various groupings to create a sense of interaction and story. When I determine how many and which ones will be in a particular “scene,” I choose the finishes to complement the characters. Within the series, “Tiger Guy” stands alone with his classic sculptural black finish.