Jason Mowry

Jason Mowry

Inspired by the stories he reads, and the people and times surrounding him, Jason’s work blends myth, personal narrative, and symbolic imagery to speak to the larger collective narrative. Jason grew up between the art museums and comic book shops, combining the rhythms of each to walk the line between formal art and the fantastic. Jason calls Ohio home where he keeps a studio as well as teaches.


Watercolor and gouache
10.5” x 15,”
$1,100, framed

As legend has it, in the 1800s, a mythical yokai appeared off the coast of Kumamoto, Japan. The Amabie, as it was called, was described as a mermaid-like creature with long hair, a beak and three legs. It made several predictions related to bountiful harvests and, before disappearing back into the sea, left the locals with some advice in case of an epidemic. According to records, “If an epidemic occurs, draw a picture of me and show it to everyone,” said the yokai.