Elizabeth Leggett

Elizabeth Leggett

Elizabeth Leggett is a Hugo award-winning digital artist.  Her goal with her work is to encourage curiosity. She wants the viewer to imagine stories when they see her creations.   Art to her is a collaboration of intent and speculation and she hopes that is what she offers when she presents a piece.

This piece is part of my READINGS series, a tarot project based on the writings of Ray Bradbury.

The Hierophant
Digital art on printed metal, $700

Guidance, knowledge, revelation, belief

Upright: Teacher.  Mentor through spiritual guidance. Searching for the truth. Offering lessons from a place of intelligence and experience. Acknowledging the crafted skills and experience of others. Vows given and taken. Rituals and participation in spiritual practice. Tithes and vows.

Inspiration: The Halloween Tree (1972)

I love gray characters.  They are such a mixed blessing, a cocktail of risk.  Moundshroud reminds me quite a bit of Baron Samedi and I wanted to portray him as such.  He is a little bit mummy, a little bit voodoo king and a little bit something else entirely.  Take his lessons with a hefty shake of care. Mr. Bradbury used this extraordinary character to teach the histories of Halloween traditions.  Moundshroud takes young trick or treaters on the adventure of their lives to save their friend.  There is quite a toll at the end.