Don Maitz

Don Maitz

Don Maitz has produced imaginative paintings that have been published internationally and enthusiastically embraced for 40 years. He is the original creator of the Captain Morgan Spiced Rum character.

His images have appeared on over 250 book covers, several magazine covers, and has illustrated for specialty publishers’ editions of books by Stephen King, and Raymond Feist. National Geographic has reproduced his renditions of pirates, he’s worked as a conceptual artist for Paramount Pictures, and Warner Brothers Pictures on the animated feature films, Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius and Ant Bully. He has twice won science fiction’s Hugo award for best artist and received a Special Hugo award.  He’s also received a Howard award, ten Chesley awards, an Inkpot award, a Silver Medal from New York’s Society of Illustrators, an Award of Excellence from the Annual International Exhibition of Maritime Art at the Mystic Seaport Gallery, and has been a finalist in the last eight of the Art Renewal Center’s International Salon Competitions.   His paintings have been displayed at more than fifty public museums across the country. His work was published in two sold out collective art books and has appeared in numerous collective art publications including a feature in Illustration Magazine issue # 55. He is married to author and artist, Janny Wurts, and lives in Florida.


Potions, Charms, and Lucky Trinkets
$ 3,500
20”x 16”
Oil on Panel. 

“ Reminiscent of door to door salesman from times past, this individual of dubious pedigree, offers questionable goods. Perhaps they may perform as advertised, but likely at a price much too costly even if the initial transaction seems a bargain.”