Collin Nitta

Collin Nitta

Colin Nitta is an artist and illustrator based in Sacramento, California. Specializing in digital media and oil painting, Colin has collaborated with a variety of publishers on book covers, trading cards, murals and brand identity. Weaving modern technology with time-honored techniques, Colin tells stories with pictures that captivate and inspire.


The Good Rum!
Size: 20″ wide by 28 1/2″ tall unframed
25″ wide by 33 5/8″ tall framed

Price – $3800, includes frame, ready to hang.

Artist Statement

In Japanese folklore, Kappa, or “river-children,” are mischievous water creatures that inhabit the freshwater environs of Japan. With a scaly, reptilian appearance, turtle-shell back and a pool of water on their heads called a sara that must always remain full (if it is ever spilled, their life source drains away along with it), I found the comical, yet menacing nature of the Kappa to be an intriguing subject. In a re-imagining of the classic creature, I asked the following: what would the Kappa be like if they took to the open ocean and became a ferocious band of buccaneers? And what would happen if they took a liking to rum, the drink of choice for any seafarer? With their amphibious nature and a propensity for wrestling, they would make for one of the most feared groups of pirates ever to set sail. Woe to any sailor that has the misfortune to encounter a kappa raid on the high seas!