Andrew Sides

Andrew Sides

Andrew Sides is a freelance illustrator who lives in Orlando, FL. He attended Savannah College of Art and Design to study Sequential Art, and now spends his time drawing fantastical illustrations and sculpting dinosaurs. He loves learning and creating new things, and currently spends his time with his wife and daughter while drawing fantastical illustrations.


Wild Hunt, Acrylic on Illustration board, 16” x 19.5” framed
Price: $400

The Wild Hunt always fascinated me as a story – it’s a Germanic folklore that isn’t as defined as other stories that are as old as it, so it’s ripe for reimagining since it’s loaded with metaphors and imagery and has a less concrete story attached to it. I’ve explored the ideas in the Wild Hunt for a couple years now, and I am always drawn to the idea of a Master of the Hunt, represented by Odin (or Wotan, depending on which culture you pull from.) There’s already a wealth of information to draw from regarding Odin, and pairing him or a facsimile to the Wild Hunt just adds to that. I wanted to capture the solemn, singular nature of the Master of the Hunt, alone and contemplative during his hunt of his quarry and the weight of being so focused on the pursuit of his singular goal.