Andrea Sipl

Andrea Sipl

At only four years old, Andrea Sipl realized that an artist has the power to transform the world at will whenever reality fails to provide. She stumbled upon this discovery quite accidentally, when she painted the petals of the white flowers she had brought for her mother to match the colors of the kitchen. A love for pastel colors has stuck with her ever since. 

Andrea was born in Venezuela, but has dedicated herself to the pursuit of the arts in the United States from the age of 17. She holds Master’s degrees in both Animation and Illustration. Her artwork explores the bond between women and animals, as she hopes to capture the everlasting mystery that is femininity.


“Ariel the Merciful”

Ariel the Merciful
Oils on Hardboard (9” x 12”)
11×14 frame included
Price $480

Ariel was Inspired by the realm of dreams. He is the Dream’s gates keeper. He who carries the minds of the sleeping souls across the consciousness river that divided the world of the dreaming from the world of the conscious.