Dan Chudzinski

Deep within the Louisiana Bayou, America’s largest swamp serves as home to some of nature’s most feared creatures . . .  and the people who try to eat them. It is a place where only the strange survive. 

But among the venomous snakes and prowling alligators, there is one creature who provokes fear in even the most seasoned swampers. A monstrous fish stalks the brackish waters. It is large enough to swallow a grown man in a single gulp. The locals call it the Bassilator.

 After his brother was swallowed by the beast, Jethro has devised a plan to bring down  the monster once and for all: a man-sized fishing lure carved in the likeness of his brother. He calls it, The Billy Bobber.


Meanwhile, On the Bayou...


Mixed media sculpture


20” H x 31” W x 14” D